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AmyLee33 Edit

AmyLee33 joined UHShe for Season 2, dubbed BooHShe. She made it to second place, only eating vegan foods and having a cat teammate.

As of Season 8 Amy has only participated in one Season of UHShe.

Amy has been the only one to be teamed with an entity. As of season 9, she has been the only one to not be teamed with another player in a team UHShe tournament.

UHShe Edit

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Accomplishments Titles
2 0 Slain by Pip3rGames 11 Team- 2nd

Individual- 2nd

-Reached Top 3-Reached Top 3 Teams Last to Take Damage

Social Media Edit

Youtube- Amy Lee

Twitter- Amy lee33

Instagram- Amy Lee