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Banoffee (Banoffee2013) joined UHShe in Season 5 and had competed since.



For Season 5, Banoffee's first UHShe season, she was teamed with AshleyMariee, she managed to survive untill episode 8 but was eliminated by RealSquig, putting her in 8th.

In Season 6, she won.

In Season 8 Banoffee was teamed up with AshleyMariee again. With Ashley dying near the start of episode 2, Banoffee went on to survive 6 full episodes alone, becoming the longest surviving solo player in a teamed UHShe.

Seasons Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Titles/ Accomplishments
5 0 Slain by RealSquig 8

Team - 4th

Individual - 8th

6 2 Winner Winner 1st - Winner
7 1 Slain by Cheridet 8 2nd
8 0 Slain by RealSquig 8 9th Longest Surviving Solo Player
9 0 N/A N/A 2nd
10 Slain by BasicallyBea 6 12th

Kills Edit

Season Killed Participant Episode Of Kill Cause Of Death
6 BBPaws 8 Slain
6 RealSquig 9 Slain
7 Kaleidow 8 Slain

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Youtube - banoffee2013

Twitter - Banoffee2013