BasicallyBea Edit

Bea (pronounced as "bee") is a female YouTuber whom first joined UHShe in Season 4. Bea is transgender(M to F). She is a very good PvPer--with her being skilled with a sword, bow, and rod--and has the second highest kill count--being 10--and is the victor of the 8th season along with Squig. She is the first and only competitor to enter the nether in a UHShe. Other players are scared of her because of her multiple skills with weaponry and her high kill count.

UHShe Edit

In Season 4 Bea managed to kill Yammy, but was killed in episode 4 by SalemsLady, ending up in 12th.

In Season 5 Bea was teamed up with YogscastKim. She ended up with the most kills and first blood but was eliminated by Squig in episode 8, putting her in 6th

In Season 6 Bea managed to last until episode 7. She fought with Squig and Piper but got killed in the process and ended up in 11th place.

In Season 7 Bea was the first to go to the nether. She had a short fight with Pheonix and technically killed her by causing a creeper to explode. She died shortly after--with being killed by Mariel--putting her in 6th once again.

Season 8 was Bea's best season. She was teamed with Squig and got the most kills. She killed 5 people this game and was crowned the victor along with Squig. She placed 1st.

Her average placement is 9th Place.

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Achievements
4 1 Slain by SalemsLady 4 12th First Kill
5 4 Slain by RealSquig 8 6th

First Kill

Survived To The Top 10

Most Kills

6 0 Slain by RealSquig 7 11th
7 0 Slain by MarielitaiWins 8 6th Survived To The Top 10
8 5 Winner Winner 1st - Individual

1st - Team


Most Kills

Kills Edit

Season Killed Participant Episode of Death Cause of Death
4 Yammy 3 Slain
5 Aureylian 7 Slain
5 Seriiiously 7 Slain
5 LaurenzSide 8 Shot
5 BBPaws 8 Slain
8 LDShadowLady 8 Slain
8 MarielitaiWins 9 Slain
8 BBPaws 9 Shot
8 Cheridet 9 Slain
8 Strawburry17 9 Slain

Social Media Edit

Youtube- BasicallyBea , BasicallyMoreBea

Twitter- BasicallyBea

Twitch- BasicallyBea

Patreon- BasicallyBea

Ko-fi- BasicallyBea

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