The Border is known for getting the most kills in Season 3 of UHShe.

Strawburry17 was the only person from Season 3  to be in a cave and be able to out mine and escape the border. HeyimBee also saw the border at the end of episode 4 while being in a cave, but by that point the border had been stopped. Aureylian and Pip3rGames also survived the border but never had a close encounter with it.

In Season 4 episode 5 StacyPlays had another close encounter with the border, but was teleported to the surface as a rule had been made that no player would die from the border in that season.

In season 5, some players spawned outside of the border and died so they restarted


Season Kill Episode of Kill Cause of Death
3 StacyPlays 4 Suffocated
3 MKtheWorst 4 Suffocated
3 NettyPlays 4 Suffocated
3 MousieMouse 4 Suffocated
3 Shubble 4 Suffocated
3 Kaleidow 4 Suffocated
3 Yammy 4 Suffocated

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