Season 1 Edit

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MousieMouse was the first one to die in UHShe Season 1. She was slain by Aureylian in Episode 6.

Season 2 Edit

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Yammy was the first death of Season 2. Her death was caused by a witch which gave her the title of first ever PvE death of the entire UHShe series. Her death was quite ironic because she had won the previous season, but the first one to die on this one.

Season 3 Edit

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In Season 3, LDShadowLady died first after accidentally falling in lava while bumping into stone. The death caused lots of commotion by fans because it was in the first episode. Fans wanted to bring her back into the game, but it was already prerecorded and Lizzie was fine with the death as it was her doing.

Season 4 Edit

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The first death of Season 4 was technically HeyimBee's because she had found a desert temple and was blown up by TNT from stepping on the pressure plate. She had destroyed the pressure plate on beforehand, but because of lag it came back. This was not a legit death though, because it was in the first five minutes of Episode 1 and was allowed to respawn.

In Season 4, the actual first death was Yammy after burning in newcomer BeaTheCraftian's lava and slain in Episode 3.

Season 5 Edit

SalemsLady was the first to die in Season 5. While mining some stone with NettyPlays, she fell into the lava under the stone and burned. After her death she typed "NO WORDS" in the chat and left the game.

Season 6 Edit

In Season 6, NettyPlays was the first one to die. The cause of her death was while she was fighting skeletons she didn't know they could strafe. She tried to run away from them because she had a low amount of health. While running she was shot by one of them and she died.

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