HeyImBee Edit


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Bianca, known by and preferred to be called HeyImBee or Bee, is one of the original UHShe competitors. Her skin represents a bee, with black and yellow stripes all over.

UHC Edit

Bee is a member of Cube , and participates in their UHC's. She was even in one with StacyPlays. She currently is the only female Cube competitor, and she states that it is refreshing to have other female competitors. She considers herself a PVPer, with her decent bow and sword skills. She also states that she has been practicing with a rod.

UHShe - Placing Edit

Heyimbee has participated in all of the UHShe competitions so far. Below are her stats from the games.

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Titles/


1 0 Slain by AshleyMariee 6 8th - First Golden apple- Most Diamonds

- Only one enchanted

- Most Golden Apples

- Best Bow

2 4 Slain by Pip3rGames 11 Team- 3rd

Individual- 3rd

- Last on Full Hearts- Most Kills (Individual)

- Most Kills (Team)

- Best Bow

3 2 Winner Winner 1st -Winner-Most Kills
4 0 Slain by RealSquig 4 11th -Most diamonds
6 0 Slain by RealSquig 8 5th
8 0 Shot by Skeleton 2 17th

UHShe - Kills Edit

Season Killed Parcipitant Episode of Kill Cause of Death
2 Netty 8 Shot
2 Aureylian 9 Shot
2 StacyPlays 9 Shot
2 Shubble 10 Shot
3 Pip3rGames 6 Was doomed to fall
3 Strawburry17 7 Slain

Social Media Edit

Youtube- Heyimbee

Twitter- Heyimbee

Instagram- Heyimbee

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