Kaleidow Season 3.

 Kaleidow is a female youtuber who first competed in UHShe Season 2.

Placing Edit

Kaleidow was teamed with HeyimBee in Season 2 of UHShe, she managed to get 3 kills and lasted until episode 11 before being eliminated by Pip3rGames, putting Kaleidow in 4th.

In Season 3 Kaleidow had a close encounter with Yammy in episode 2 before being eliminated by the Border in episode 4, putting her in 6th place for this season.

In Season 4 of UHShe Kaleidow was eliminated by RealSquig in episode 5, putting her in 6th again. She was teamed with HeyimBee in Season 8 of the UHShe series.

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Titles
2 3 Burned to death (Pip3rGames) 11 Team- 3rd

Ranking- 4th

Most Kills (Team)
3 0 Suffocated in wall (Border) 4 6th
4 0 Slain by RealSquig 5 6th
6 0 Tried to swim in lava 5 13th
7 0 Slain by banoffee2013 8 3rd
8 0 Shot by Skeleton 2 16th

Kills Edit

Season Killed Parcipitant Episode of Kill Cause of Death
2 SalemsLady 8 Shot
2 AshleyMariee 9 Shot
2 RealSquig 11 Shot

Social Media Edit

Youtube- Kaleidow

Twitter- Kaleidow

Instagram- Kaleidow

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