LDShadowLady Edit

LDShadowLady is a female, British YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers. She's competed in 4 seasons, the 1st season, the 2nd season, the 3rd season, and 8th season. Her fans are known as Shadow Cadets.

Cube UHC Edit

Lizzie competed in UHC Season 4, the Ender Rush Season, where she teamed up with Vikkstar123 and was randomly paired with Ashley and Dolphin to form the Red Team. She was infamously known for killing herself with a flint-and-steel.

UHShe Edit

Her UHShe fanbase is known to be very toxic, as any YouTuber (Ex. Aureylian, AshleyMariee, or BasicallyBea) that kills her ends up with a plethora of hate and bashing, and even their teammates will get the same treatment. However, this is only because the Shadow Cadets care a lot about her, and seeing her die in UHShe gets them very emotional and riled up.

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Titles/


1 0 Walked into fire whilst trying to escape Aureylian 6 10th Made it to top 10
2 0 Slain by AshleyMariee 7 17th First Death to PvP
3 0 Tried to swim in lava 1 12th First Death
8 0 Slain by BasicallyBea 8 11th First Death to PvP

Social Media Edit

Youtube- LDShadowLady

Twitter- LDShadowLady

Instagram- LDShadowLady

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