The following is a list of episodes from Season 8 of UHShe.

Episode Air-date
1 October 17th 2017
2 October 19th 2017
3 October 21st 2017
4 October 23rd 2017
5 October 25th 2017
6 October 27th 2017
7 October 29th 2017
8 October 31st 2017
9 November 2nd 2017
After call and Highlights November 2nd 2017

Episode 1 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws INVISIBLE PARTNERS? 20:16
Cheridet INVISIBLE BRITT?! 21:11
Slazzie stacyplays Team Slazzie?! 19:49
Disney RealSquigGames THE DREAM TEAM 20:37
BasicallyBea TEAM DISNEY! 20:41
Beetlejuice MousieMouse Spooks & Ghosts 21:28
LaurenzSide Yandere Chan & Mousie Play Minecraft UHC!! 16:59
Ashoffee AshleyMariee Ep 1 20:56
banoffee2013 TEAM ASHOFFEE! 20:48
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai Diamonds Already!? 19:49
Seriiiously Trick or Treat!! Village Raid!! 21:52
AussieClownz Kaleidow DA CLOWNZ TEAM AUSSIEEE! 21:01
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays TEAM SKULL FOR THE WIN! 15:21
The Devil Duo SalemsLady THE DEVIL DUO! 20:45
Phoenixgg2 LET'S GET SPOOKY! 21:13

Episode 2 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws CAVING WITH CREEPERS! 16:14
Cheridet I DON'T BELIEVE IT 17:04
Slazzie stacyplays Just Around The Lava Bend! 12:28
Disney RealSquigGames DEATH. 16:24
BasicallyBea DEATH ALREADY?! 16:07
Beetlejuice MousieMouse DEATHS ALREADY?! 17:21
LaurenzSide SO Many Deaths Already?! 14:29
Ashoffee AshleyMariee Ep 2 5:14
banoffee2013 DISASTER STRIKES 16:50
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai Full Iron Armor 15:50
Seriiiously Watch Out For Spooky Skeletons!! 17:23
AussieClownz Kaleidow FRIDAY THE 13TH BADLUCK 12:42
HeyImBee THE END FOR US.. 13:34
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays SO MUCH GOLD! 14:43
The Devil Duo SalemsLady MAJOR MOB PROBLEMS! 17:04
Phoenixgg2 TOO MANY SKELLIES! 16:47

Episode 3 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheridet SKELE PROBLEMS 17:15
Slazzie stacyplays Lizzie You Did It! 14:08
Disney RealSquigGames DAMAGE IS DONE 16:23
BasicallyBea BABY ZOMBIE ATTACK! 16:21
Beetlejuice MousieMouse Deep in the Caves 17:32
LaurenzSide Battling Cave Mobs...Will We Survive? 14:29
Ashoffee banoffee2013 DIAMONDS AND GOLDEN APPLE! 17:07
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai Surprise, Surprise!! 15:16
Seriiiously Are You Afraid of the Dark Mineshaft?! 17:43
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays SILVERFISH ATTACK! 14:09
The Devil Duo SalemsLady Gapples, Gapples, Gapples! ! 17:22
Phoenixgg2 FINALLY SOME GOLD! 16:58

Episode 4 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws CREATURES AMONG US! 16:09
Slazzie stacyplays Double Ravine! 15:17
Disney RealSquigGames DESPERATE TIMES 16:06
BasicallyBea LEAVING THE MINES! 16:06
Beetlejuice MousieMouse Into the Jungle & Desert 17:35
LaurenzSide Don't Fall!! 12:19
Ashoffee banoffee2013 THE SEARCH CONTINUES 16:58
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai We Need This! 14:51
Seriiiously Walls of Webs!! 17:29
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays [ JUNGLE TEMPLE OF DOOM! 13:27
The Devil Duo SalemsLady USELESS CHICKENS ! 16:45
Phoenixgg2 DIAMONDSSSS!! 15:58

Episode 5 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws SO MANY RICHES!! 16:59
Cheridet GETTING LUCKY 16:40
Slazzie stacyplays Bat Buddy! 12:49
Disney RealSquigGames MINECART CHESTS (treasure) 16:21
BasicallyBea EVIL MINESHAFT! 16:22
Beetlejuice MousieMouse Oh my 16:51
LaurenzSide Our Last Dance... 11:44
Ashoffee banoffee2013 STUCK AND CAN'T ESCAPE! 16:59
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai Enchanting Time!! 16:11
Seriiiously Stacy's Suspicious Spies?! 17:30
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays ALREADY ENCHANTED?? 12:59
The Devil Duo SalemsLady BOAT RIDES! 16:07
Phoenixgg2 HEADING TO SPAWN!! 15:58

Episode 6 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws GROWLING & EXPLODING! 14:48
Slazzie stacyplays Lucky Wolf Ladies! 13:24
Disney RealSquigGames oh dear 3:04
BasicallyBea SKELETON ATTACK! 16:39
Ashoffee banoffee2013 ALL I WANT IS DAYLIGHT! 16:58
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai Is this a Trick or Treat? 14:26
Seriiiously A Trail of Treats... Or Tricks?! 17:43
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays FIND THE WOOVES! 14:13
The Devil Duo SalemsLady TO THE MANSION! 16:01
Phoenixgg2 GETTING ENCHANTED!! 16:24

Episode 7 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws DO WE BRAVE THE MINESHAFT?? 17:01
Cheridet OMG WHO'S THAT?? 17:32
Slazzie stacyplays Shhhh! 15:46
Disney RealSquigGames ENCHANTING & GOING TO FIGHT 16:24
BasicallyBea IT'S HAPPENING! 16:23
Ashoffee banoffee2013 FIRST SIGHTING! 16:42
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai Land Ahoy! 12:33
Seriiiously Over The Mountain, Through The Woods...!! 17:23
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays OUT IN THE OPEN 13:36
The Devil Duo SalemsLady ATTACKED IN THE MANSION! 15:58
Phoenixgg2 BRAVING THE MANSION!! 16:24

Episode 8 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws SNEAKY STEALTH MODE! 14:02
Cheridet CREEPING AROUND 17:27
Slazzie LDShadowLady The Painting Plan 17:00
stacyplays The Painting Plan 17:00
Disney RealSquigGames OUR FIRST KILL?? 16:24
BasicallyBea OUR FIRST KILLS! 16:23
Ashoffee banoffee2013 COULD THIS BE THE END?! 15:00
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai Creepy Woodland Mansion 14:04
Seriiiously Are Those Stacy's Wolves?! 17:30
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays INTO THE MANSION! 12:58
The Devil Duo SalemsLady SOMEONES FOLLOWING ME! 15:58

Episode 9 Edit

Team Participant Title and Link Runtime
Cheripaws BBPaws WE FOUND THE MANSION....AND THEM! 13:33
Cheridet BATTLE TIME 14:40
Slazzie stacyplays So Much Death 20:39
Disney RealSquigGames THE FINAL FIGHT!? 17:18
BasicallyBea THE FIGHT! 17:20
GiraffyPumpkin Marielitai The Final Battle! 12:33
Seriiiously No Endermen Hugs Please!! 15:43
Team Skull Strawburry17Plays FIGHT FOR MY LIFE! 13:14

After call and Highlights Edit

Participant Title and Link Runtime
BasicallyBea THE WINNERS?! 13:42
Marielitai So many moments! 14:08
Seriiiously Sharing Our Trick or Treat Haul!! 15:56

Trivia Edit

  • Shubble didn't upload because she didn't edit the UHShe in time before she went to Minefaire.
  • Stacy confirms in a video and a tweet that Lizzie didn't need to upload because they have a similar audience, and similar perspectives.
  • Squig's episode 6 is corrupted.