Marielitai a female YouTuber who has participated in Season 7 and Season 8 of the UHShe series. She makes gaming videos on her channel MarielitaiWins. Recently Mariel was teamed up with Seriiiously in Season 8 of the UHShe series.

UHShe Edit

Season Kills Cause of



of Death

Ranking Titles
7 1 Slain by Seriiiously 8 5th Survived To The Top 5
8 1 Slain by BasicallyBea 9 6th

Kills Edit

Mariel has managed to get one kill in both seasons she has taken part in so far.

In Season 8 she was the only player to get a kill who was not on the winning team.

Season Killed Participant Episode of Death Cause of Death
7 BasicallyBea 8 Slain
8 StacyPlays 9 Shot

Social Media Edit

YouTube- MarielitaiWins

Twitter- Marielitai

Twitch- Marielitai

Teespring- Marielitai

Creators- Marielitai

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