NettyPlays Edit

Netty Plays' real name is Annette Garrett.

NettyPlays is a youtuber and an original participant in UHShe.

She is known for being Stampylonghead's sister. She first played Minecraft in her brother's video. It was called 'Sister Challenge', where she tried to make a house, craft a cake and mine diamonds. This series was chaotic at first, but it turned into a success. After the series, Netty created a channel called 'Netty Plays'.

Her channel Edit

She usually does streams 5-6 times a week, streaming mini-games and SMPs.

Her current series are:

  • Evolution
  • Harmony Hollow
  • Ice & Fire (with SalemsLady)
  • Aquatic Contest (where she competes with SalemsLady, BBPaws, BigBst4tz and Solidarity)
  • Dragon Speed Run (currently paused)
  • Material Energy Halloween
  • One Life (where she recently died)

She has over 235,000 subscribers.


Netty has participated in a UHC group unlike many others that consists of YouTubers such as Tomohawk1989, SalemsLady, etc... Many are hosted on a public server and usually invite some fans to play in the UHC.

UHShe Edit

In Season 1, she made it far. She was eventually killed by Shubble in episode 8, making her 3rd place.

In Season 2, she teamed with SalemsLady. They stumbled upon HeyImBee and Kaleidow. They were almost instantly killed by themin episode 8. Their team ended in 7th place, while Netty ended up in 13th place.

In Season 3, she died by Border in episode 4. She was in a mine, when the border started to come from the side.

In Season 5, she teamed with SalemsLady again. SalemsLady died quickly and Netty went to the surface, where she built a fort on 0,0. Trying to shoot her opponents, she fell from her fort. Having low health, it killed her. This happened in episode 7. Her team placed 7th, while Netty ended up in 13th place (exactly the same as Season 2).

In Season 6, she was the first death. Netty died in episode 2, when she was surrounded by 2-3 skeletons. She quickly died, leaving her in 15th and last place.

In Season 9, she teamed with SalemsLady once again. They started really well, enchanting in episode 1 and going to the nether in episode 2. They quickly gathered all ender pearls and blaze rods needed. After struggling to get string for the bows, they finally got some. They activated the portal in episode 6, being the first ones in The End. SalemsLady died to HeyimBee/Ender Dragon, leaving Netty solo. Netty got almost all the towers. She climbed onto a tower, where she got her last hit on the Ender Dragon, winning the game.

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Accomplishments Titles
1 0 Slain by Shubble 8 3rd -Reached Top 3 N/A
2 0 Shot by HeyImBee 8 Individual- 13th

Team- 7th

3 0 Suffocated in wall (Border) 4 9th -Reached Top 10 N/A
5 0 Fell from a high place 7

Team - 7th

Individual - 13th

6 0 Shot by skeleton 2 15th - First Death
9 1 Winner Winner 1st Winner Winner

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YouTube - Netty Plays

Twitter - NettyPlays

Instagram - nettyplays