Phoenix (real name Nicola) is a female youtuber who first participated in Season 7 of the UHShe series. She makes gaming videos on her channel Phoenixgg2. Recently Phoenix has been added into the Flux UHC and won the competition. In Season 8 of the UHShe series, she was teamed up with SalemsLady. In Season 10, She teamed up with BasicallyBea, and although she died, her team won.

Placing Edit

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of


Ranking Titles
7 2 Blown up by Creeper - Indirectly caused by BasicallyBea 8 7th
8 0 Slain by Vindicator 7 Team - 7th

Individual - 13th

9 0 Failed to slay Dragon 6
10 3 Doomed to fall by Cheridet 7 Team - 1st

Individual - 4th

Kills Edit

Season Killed Participant Episode Cause of Death
7 Salemslady 7 Slain
7 Stacyplays 8 Slain
10 Strawburry17Plays 7 Slain
10 appleschloss 7 Shot
10 BBPaws 8 Slain

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