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Pip3r is known for winning UHShe Season 2. Pip3r and her close friend, Squig, are the youngest participants to compete in a UHShe. She is no longer participating in UHSHE

Pip3rGames Episode 1 Season 3

Piper Edit

Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Titles
2 3 Winner 11 Team- 1st

Individual- 1st


Winner (Team)

First to Take Damage (PVE)

3 1 Was doomed to fall by heyimbee 6 3rd First Kill
4 1 Slain by AshleyMariee 5 5th
6 1 Slain by AshleyMariee 7 10th

Kills Edit

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Season Killed Parcipitant Episode of Kill Cause of Death
2 Kaleidow 11 Burned to death
2 HeyImBee 11 Slain
2 Amylee33 11 Slain
3 Aureylian 5 Shot
4 SalemsLady 5 Shot
6 Mousie Mouse 6 Slain