Realsquig season 3



RealSquig is a Minecraft YouTuber, she is one of the younger players in UHShe and joined UHShe in Season 2 and was the first new debutante to win a season with her teammate Pip3rGames. She joined an up and coming SMP called "Obsidius SMP" and currently she holds the most wins as a contestant with 2 wins, tied with Cheridet.


Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Titles
2 0 Shot by Kaleidow 11 Team - 1st

Individual - 5th

Winning Team
4 7 Winner Winner 1st

Most Kills

Best Sword


5 4 Slain by MKtheWorst 8

Team - 2nd

Individual - 2nd

Last on Full Hearts

Most Kills

Survived to top 5

6 7 Slain by Banoffee 9 2nd Most Kills

Most Golden Apples

Best Sword

Survived To The Top 5


Season   Killed Participant   Episode Of Kill Cause Of Death
4 HeyimBee 4 Slain
4 BBPaws 5 Slain
4 Seriiiously 5 Slain
4 Kaleidow 5 Slain
4 AshleyMariee 5 Slain
4 StacyPlays 6 Slain
4 MKtheWorst 6 Doomed To Fall
5 Banoffee 8 Slain
5 AshleyMariee 8 Slain
5 BeaTheCraftian 8 Slain
5 Cheridet 8 Slain
6 BeaTheCraftian 7 Slain
6 AshleyMariee 7 Slain
6 SalemsLady 8 Shot
6 MKtheWorst 8 Slain
6 HeyimBee 8 Slain
6 Cybernova 9 Slain
6 StacyPlays 9 Slain

Social Media Edit

Youtube- RealSquigGames

Twitter- RealSquig

Instagram- realsquigyt

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