Stacy Hinojosa, better known by her online IGN stacyplays, is a female youtuber well known for her Minecraft videos. She is the organiser of the UHShe series. She was teamed up with LDShadowLady on Season 8 of the UHShe series.

StacyPlays's in-game skin


Stacy first participated in the Cube's ultra hardcore (UHC) in around 2014. However, she only participated in 4 UHC's before quitting the Cube, stating she wanted to move on to something new. After a year of being without UHC, she grew to start to miss it. She later organized the UHShe's, with the help of her mom and LearningMonkey who helped with seasons 1-3. Now Stacy has become the full host in UHShes Season 4, 5, and 6.


Season Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Accomplishments Titles*
1 0 Shot by Shubble 7 4th Only person to name wolf.

-Top 5-

2 0 Shot by Heyimbee 9 Individual- 7th -Top 10-

-Top 5 Teams-

3 0 Suffocated in Wall


4 11th - First Golden Apple
4 0 Slain by RealSquig 6 3rd -Top 5-
5 1 Slain by MKtheWorst 8

Team - 2nd

Individual - 4th

- Top 5-

- Top 2 Teams-

- First Golden Apple- Most Kills (with RealSquig)

First Golden Apple

6 0 Slain by RealSquig 9 3rd
7 0 Slain by Phoenixgg2 8 8th
8 0 Shot by MarielitaiWins 9 8th - Individual

5th - Team

9 0 Blown Up By Creeper 4 Individual - 14th

Team - TBA

First Death
10 0 Slain by Sydney01 7 Individual - 10th

Team - 2nd


Season Killed Player Episode of Death Cause of Death
5 YOGSCAST Kim 8 Slain

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Youtube- StacyPlays, Stacyvlogs

Twitter- Stacysays

Instagram- Stacygrams