UHShe Season 1 first aired June 28, 2015. In UHShe participants must fight to the death in Ultra Hardcore Mode where you can not regenerate health without a Golden Apple. There is a grace period in the first 2 episodes in which PvP is not allowed and a border that will start to shrink after the first episode. 


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Episodes First Aired Last Aired
8 June 28th 2015 July 12th 2015


The following are the original contestants of UHShe Season 1. They are all debutantes, but will not be considered as "new debutantes", as they are original competitors and will be considered veterans in future UHShes.








Netty Plays



yammy xox

*Bold indicates the winner of the season


First to Take Damage: MKTheWorst (Fall Damage)

Last on Full Hearts: Shubble

First Blood: Aureylian

First Death: MousieMouse

Most Kills: Shubble (3 Kills)

Most Gold (Flowers): HeyImBee & yammy xox

Most Diamonds: HeyImBee

First Golden Apple (Crafted): HeyImBee

Best Sword: Aureylian (Sharpness 3, Knockback 2 Iron)

Best Bow: HeyImBee (Power 1)

Winner: yammy xox


Player Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Rank Points Earned
MousieMouse 0 Slain by Aureylian 6 11th +1
LDShadowLady 0 Walked into fire while trying to escape Aureylian 6 10th +2
Aureylian 2 Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming 6 9th +5
HeyImBee 0 Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming 6 8th +4
iHasCupquake 0 Slain By MKtheWorst 7 7th +5
AshleyMarieeGaming 2 Slain by MKtheWorst 7 6th +8
MKtheWorst 2 Slain by Shubble 7 5th +9
stacyplays 0 Shot by Shubble 7 4th +8
Netty Plays 0 Slain by Shubble 8 3rd +9
Shubble 3 Burnt to a crisp whilst fighting yammy xox 8 2nd +13
yammy xox 1 Winner 8 1st +12


  • Despite her early death, Heyimbee took the most titles (see above), and managed to be the only girl to get enchanted, discounting Aureylian's and Shubble's sword which became enchanted by means of an anvil.
    • On topic of her death, her Australian connection didn't seem to be on her side, as many fans speculated that she could've easily defeated AshleyMariee had she not gotten glitched into a block during battle.