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UHShe Season 2 (Also dubbed BooHShe) first aired on October 11, 2015, as a Halloween themed UHShe. There is a 1 episode grace period in which PVP is not allowed. This season was the first one to introduce teams. Also, the concept of flower apple was denied this season, and was instead replaced with cut-clean food drops. Some skins were also tweaked within players and objects. Players were to all dress up their skins to match a Halloween theme. For objects, apples were given a caramel apple look, torches were given a candy corn skin, and pumpkins were made to look as if they were filled with candy.

Episodes Edit

Main Article: List of UHShe Episodes (Season 2)

Episodes First Aired Last Aired
11 October 17th 2015 October 31st 2015

Participants Edit

The following are all participants of UHShe Season 2. Italicized names indicate debutantes this season and will be considered veterans in future seasons.

1 - Dino

2 - Applesauce

3 - Casper

4 - Yammallama DingDong

5 - Dino-Mite

6 - Boogie

7 - Aussie

8 - Salnet

9 - Kinda Confident

*Bold indicates winner(s) of season

*Italics indicate debutees

Titles Edit

First to Take Damage: Pip3rGames (Fall Damage)

Last on Full Hearts: HeyImBee

First Blood: AshleyMarieeGaming

First Death: yammy xox (PVE)

Most Individual Kills/Most Team Kills: Players: AshleyMarieeGaming and HeyImBee (4 Kills); Team: HeyImBee and Kaleidow; Aussie (4+3=7 Kills)

Most Golds: HeyImBee & Kaleidow; Aussie

Most Diamonds: MKtheWorst and MousieMouse; Boogie

First Golden Apple (Crafted): Shubble

Best Sword: MKtheWorst "Candy Killer" (Sharpness 2, Knockback 2 Diamond Sword)

Best Bow: HeyImBee & Kaleidow (Power 2 Bow)

Winner: Pip3rGames and RealSquigGames; Dino

Stats Edit

Player Team Individual Kills Team Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Team Rank Individual Rank Points Earned
yammy xox Yammallama DingDong 0 0 Killed by Witch using magic 7 9th 17th +1
LDShadowLady Yammallama DingDong 0 0 Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming (Applesauce) 7 9th 16th +2
MousieMouse Boogie 0 0 Slain by Aureylian (Applesauce) 8 8th 15th +3
MKtheWorst Boogie 0 0 Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming (Applesauce) 8 8th 14th +4
Netty Plays Salnet 0 0 Shot by HeyImBee (Aussie) 8 7th 13th +5
SalemsLady Salnet 0 0 Shot by Kaleidow (Aussie) 8 7th 12th +6
iHasCupquake Dino-Mite 0 0 Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming (Applesauce) 9 6th 11th +7
cybernova Dino-Mite 0 0 Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming (Applesauce) 9 6th 10th +8
Aureylian Applesauce 1 5 Shot by HeyImBee (Aussie) 9 5th 9th +10
AshleyMarieeGaming Applesauce 4 5 Shot by Kaleidow (Aussie) 9 5th 8th +14
stacyplays Kinda Confident 0 0 Shot by HeyImBee (Aussie) 9 4th 7th +11
Shubble Kinda Confident 0 0 Shot by HeyImBee (Aussie) 10 4th 6th +12
RealSquigGames Dino 0 3 Shot by Kaleidow (Aussie) (Winners) 11 1st 5th +13
Kaleidow Aussie 3 7 Burned to death - Burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Pip3rGames (Dino) 11 3rd 4th +17
HeyImBee Aussie 4 7 Slain by Pip3rGames (Dino) 11 3rd 3rd +19
AmyLee33 Casper 0 0 Slain by Pip3rGames (Dino) 11 2nd 2nd +16
Casper The Cat Casper - - Slain by Pip3rGames (Dino) (Unofficial Kill) 11 - - -
Pip3rGames Dino 3 0 Winners 11 1st 1st +20

Trivia Edit

  • Yammy was the winner of season 1 yet the first death of season 2.
    • Yammy was also the first PVE death in UHShe history.
  • The first 2 deaths were from the same team (YammallamaDingDong), yet in completely different scenarios unlike other team deaths.
  • LDShadowLady was the second to die in both season 1 and 2.
  • MousieMouse was slain by Aureylian in both season 1 and 2.
    • MousieMouse, in seasons 1-2, never got a hit while battling Aureylian/AshleyMariee.
    • Also, in both seasons 1-2 Mousie's last word was "okay".
  • AshleyMariee in a way got revenge on MK for killing her in season 1.
  • Kaleidow is the first new debutante to get a kill in UHShe history.
  • Salem was the first new debutante death in UHShe history.
  • Unfortunately, Mousie (this season having MK help her) didn't get build her disco house.
  • Teams were pretty coincidental this season:
    • Shubble killed Stacy - They teamed
    • Ashley killed Aurey - They teamed
    • Heyimbee and Kaleidow are the only Aussie competitors - They teamed
    • Lizzie and Yammy both live in England - They Teamed
    • Pip3r and Squig are literally best friends - They Teamed
    • Netty and Salem are close friends - They Teamed
    • Cupquake and Cyber are also close friends - They Teamed
    • MK and Mousie are friends - They Teamed
  • Bee got her first kill without losing ANY hearts
  • Aurey killed Mousie without losing ANY hearts
  • Pip3r and Squig were the first new debutante winners.
  • All teams that died all had consecutive team deaths.
  • All of Team Aussie's kills were from bow shots.
  • In episode 7, MK stated that it was totally appropriate that a witch got the first kill in Halloween themed UHShe. 
  • The last episode of the season aired on Halloween. This was most likely planned since it was a Halloween themed UHShe, but it was not confirmed. 
  • SalemsLady's 8th episode was corrupted, this was the same episode Salem and her teammate died and Salem's perspective of the fight between Team Aussie and Salnet was unknown. Salem later used her teammate's footage to upload. 

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