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UHShe Season 3 first aired on December 20, 2015, as a winter holiday themed UHShe. Players were set in a 650x650 world, differing from the previously used 1500x1500 worlds, with a shrinking border after the first episode. In the first episode, there is a grace period in which PVP is not allowed. Killing animals also results cut-clean food drops. Skins were also tweaked within players and objects. Many players were to all dress up their skins to match a Christmas theme. For objects, apples were given a "peppermint apple" look. This season, players were also offered different types of kits (see below). Also, many former UHShe contestants such as; Amylee33, AshleyMarieeGaming, iHasCupquake, etc., did not participate in this season due to the holiday season.


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Episodes First Aired Last Aired
6 December 20th 2015 December 30th 2015


In this season contestants were allowed to choose one of the following kits.

Rudolph Kit

  • Spawn Wolf
  • Name Tag
  • Very Damaged Anvil

Santa Kit

  • 4 Obsidian
  • 2 Diamonds
  • A Book

Snowman Kit

  • 16 Snowballs
  • A Bow
  • 32 Carrots

Candy Cane Kit

  • Golden Apple
  • Iron Sword
  • 1 TNT Block


The following are all participants of UHShe Season 3. All of the players were returning contestants except Strawburry17.

Pip3r Games







Netty Plays



yammy xox


*Bold indicates winner of season
*Italics indicate debutees


First to Take Damage: Strawburry17Plays (Fall Damage)

Last on Full Hearts: Shubble

First Blood: Pip3r Games

First Death: LDShadowLady (PVE)

Most Kills: HeyImBee (2 Kills); Border (Unofficial) (7 Kills)  

Most Gold: Aureylian  

Most Diamonds: HeyImBee

First Golden Apple (Crafted): stacyplays

Best Sword: HeyImBee (Sharpness 1 Iron)

Best Bow: HeyImBee (Power 2)

Winner: HeyImBee


Player Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Points Earned
LDShadowLady 0 Tried to swim in lava 1 12th +1
stacyplays 0 Suffocated in a wall (Border), Unnatural Causes 4 11th +2
MKtheWorst 0 Suffocated in a wall (Border), Unnatural Causes 4 10th +3
Netty Plays 0 Suffocated in a wall (Border), Unnatural Causes 4 9th +4
MousieMouse 0 Suffocated in a wall (Border), Unnatural Causes 4 8th +5
Shubble 0 Suffocated in a wall (Glitch), Unnatural Causes 4 7th +6
Kaleidow 0 Suffocated in a wall (Border), Unnatural Causes 4 6th +7
yammy xox 0 Suffocated in a wall (Glitch), Unnatural Causes 4 5th +8
Aureylian 0 Shot by Pip3r Games 5 4th +9
Pip3r Games 1 Doomed to fall by HeyImBee 6 3rd +11
Strawburry17Plays 0 Slain by HeyImBee 7 2nd +11
HeyImBee 2 Winner 7 1st +14


  • After the border killed so many people Stacy made a twitter account for it.
  • Strawburry17 and HeyImBee were the only participants that saw the border and managed to escape it.
  • Lizzie (LDShadowLady) In Seasons 1-3 has died to all fire/lava related deaths. S1: walked into a fire while fighting Aureylian. S2: was slain by AshleyMariee (Fire Aspect Sword). S3: tried to swim in lava. 
  • Lizzie also had the shortest season, with roughly 13 mins of footage (game time, 16 mins overall) , and only 1 episode 
  • This season, HeyImBee set the record for the most titles achieved in a single season 
  • The first battle took place in episode 2, but resulted in no deaths. The first PVP death occurred in episode 5 when Pip3rGames shot Aureylian. 
  • Yammy's "border" death happened on the surface while she was boating through the ocean with the border nowhere in sight.
    • On the same topic, due the mass amount of border deaths this season, the girls made a decision that the border was no longer to kill players in future seasons.
      • This however, did not end up working in season 4, and stacyplays almost died to this flaw, as well as in season 7 when Seriiiously died while being teleported to the deathmatch. 
  • MousieMouse once again didn't get to make her disco house. But, this season, Pip3rGames made a small cottage near 0,0 that worked as refuge for her and Strawburry17Plays.
  • This is the only season Stacy doesn't die from a player, until season 9.
    • Stacy also in fact technically didn't die to a mob and it technically wasn't a PvE death, as well as everyones death between her and Yammy. So Stacy is the first death to "Unnatural causes"