UHShe Season 8 Edit

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UHShe Season 8 (BooHShe 2017) first aired on October 17th, 2017. This season has been organised, once again, by Stacyplays, with the server being hosted by BasicallyBea and Play UHC server, helping to organise it also. Alongside them, the intro was made by Stacyplays, Nathan_Oneday and TylerFOCUS and the intro song was Act Two - Tenebrous Brothers Carnival by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. UHShe is a fight for to the death against all the players, however the tricky twist is that you can only revive your hearts by golden head or golden apple. There is a 1 episode grace period in which PVP is not allowed. This season is cutclean, meaning that ores and animal food drops come fully smelted and every player starts off with 16 pieces of pumpkin pie, a boat, a compass and a potion of invisibility. Players were to all dress up their skins to match a Halloween theme.

Per usual, episodes are 16 minutes and are uploaded every other day on the players channels. This Season after Episode 1, PVP was enabled. PermaDay will be enable in Episode 8. No shrinking border for this season. All survived players will be teleport to the Mansion in end of Episode 7. Following the Final Episode, an Aftercall will be held, and posted following the set schedule.

Episodes Edit

Main Article: List of UHShe Episodes (Season 8)

Episodes First Aired Last Aired
TBA October 17th 2017 TBA

Participants Edit

1 - Cheripaws

2 - Slazzie

3 - Disney

4 - Beetlejuice

5 - Ashoffee

6 - TaffyPumpkin

7 - Aussie

8 - Team Skull

9 - The Devil Duo

Titles Edit

First to Take Damage: LDShadowLady (Fall Damage)

Last on Full Hearts: TBA

First Blood: TBA

First Death: AshleyMariee (PVE)

Most Individual Kills/Most Team Kills: TBA

Most Golds: TBA

Most Diamonds: TBA

First Golden Apple (Crafted): Strawburry17

Best Sword: TBA

Best Bow: TBA

Winner: TBA

Stats Edit

Player Team Individual Kills Team Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Team Rank Individual Rank Points Earned
AshleyMariee Ashoffee 0 0 Shot by Skeleton 2 TBA 18th +1
HeyImBee Aussie 0 0 Shot by Skeleton 2 9th 17th +2
Kaleidow Aussie 0 0 Shot by Skeleton 2 9th 16th +3

Trivia Edit

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