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  • Bunnyrattle


    December 18, 2016 by Bunnyrattle
    Adding Social Media and Updating Pages

    Hi, I have returned and am updating Participant pages, mainly by adding their social media account for an example you can see stacyplays page. If your lazy here is an example anyway:

    Youtube- StacyPlays, Stacyvlogs

    and so on for Youtube,  Twitter and Instagram. If you want you can also put Twitch and Facebook.

    I am hoping for some help and am looking forward to improvment on the Wiki.

    Thanks, bunnyrattle.

    P.S. i locked the stacyplays page because it was converted to a user page. Now only established users can edit it. :)

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  • Bunnyrattle


    March 25, 2016 by Bunnyrattle

    Just wanted to talk about Season 4 as it is set to air on Easter. So be ready I guess. Also thinking of starting a News column thing on the home page. Also just wanted to mention the Live Chat if anyone wants to talk I'll be on quite a bit over Easter break. And literally as writing this thought of an idea to make accounts (Twitter,Instagram) for the wiki, plz let me know if you like that idea. Thanks for reading my random post. :)

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  • Bunnyrattle

    Hi, I'm bunnyrattle you may know me from around here but if not I am one of the the 2 admins on the wiki and you can ask me for help if needed (even though I'm pretty new to wikia myself.) Anyway alot of people have been getting excited for Season 4 of UHShe. Many thought there would be a Valentines UHShe but Stacy has said that she will most likely have a large Easter competetion. I typically think of April as of Easter but it is earl this year so it wouldn't be as long as you might think. Here are some predictions and things that I think might be interesting I have for the season. e sure to leave yours in the comment section.

    Typically even seasons tend to have teams. For this season I think it might interesting to have teams of 3 but it …

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