Hello everyone! You probably don't know me, as I'm not a contributer here, but  I'm Silence, the founder and current runner of the StacyPlays wiki, and as you may know StacyPlays is the organizer of UHSHE.

Because of that, we have our own UHShe pages on the wiki, and I would just like to formally invite you all to that wiki and help with the UHShe pages.  

I'm not at all trying to insult this wiki at all, it's just my humble opinion that the Stacy wiki is more developed, and I think it would benefit from having the editors here go there, as our wiki has only a few members. During each season, we have discussions about the seasons which I think you guys would enjoy.

While our wiki is mostly dedicated to Stacy, the UHShe would instead have certain pages, for instance a "List of UHShe Participants" page, and list of episode pages. Let me know what you think, I just believe that it'd be easier to do since the UHShe pages on the Stacy wiki are much more developed and further along.

Once again, not trying to insult this wiki at all, I just think the users here would really love to edit and have fun talking about the current Christmas season without having to completely remodel and create pages to look the best way possible.

Anyway, whether any of you come over, or none of you, thank you guys for your time! :D 

Merry Christmas!

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